Member AEA and SAG-AFTRA. Lena Cigleris is a character actress/singer residing in Astoria, NY. She is originally from Omaha, Nebraska, where she was trained in acting by the third largest children's theater in the nation, The Omaha Theater Company for Young People. She received her BFA in Theater Performance from Creighton University. She enjoys M&Ms, horror movies and being hilarious.

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I'm super excited to be working with Red Letter Entertainment both the theatrical and literary departments of my life. They are swell.

Also, I recently uploaded a brand new demo reel. See it here.

Law and Order: SVU- Kate Corbett defends her father


Parkview Mall

Voiceover Demo

Overconfident actress gets 'mugged' by her scene partner then goes to the bathroom with him

Creepy goth girl makes a new friend

"The next is a very well written and very well acted piece called jump where a man is on a rooftop contemplating suicide, known only as jumper played by Dylan Weinberger, while a haggard older woman in a bathrobe and curlers is trying to hang her laundry, known as woman played by Lena Cigleris. This was the least sexual of the shows but still incredibly entertaining, especially from that of Lena who delivers a perfectly played comedic yet inspirational performance, bringing to life this crazy old lady with a Brooklyn/Bronx accent and wildly entertaining dialog who continually encourages the jumper to “Jump Already!” , while also trying to help him off the ledge. Hollye Gilbert plays the part of a poet girl who lovingly helps our jumper come off the ledge while wild woman interjects perfectly timed funny insults in between the jumper and poets conversations."

Eric Gonzalez, Ratt Fink magazine

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